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Susan Gilbert
Board Certified Medical Illustrator

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tele: 727.521.1143

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Medartist.com is a resource for medical illustration and related services. Publishers of medical and scientific textbooks, medical centers and schools, pharmaceutical manufacturers, schools of osteopathy, dentistry, and veterinary medicine, advertising agencies, etc., are all invited to preview the work of this illustrator.

At times, medical illustration may gross you out, but this difficult craft educates and saves lives. The upgraded Medical Illustrators Home Page showcases the work of "Illustrators in Residence" who prove they've studied computer science and pop culture (or at least endured more than one graphics boot camp) as well as anatomy. "Genesis of an Atheroma", for example, might make you think it's an artist's conception of clone asteroids approaching a huge spaceship. Other sample images look so real, they seem photographic with rich color and texture and nearly surreal precision. How can human infirmity look so interesting, if only for a moment.
-Netsurfer Digest, March 30, 1996

(Created in 1995, Medartist.com was the very first site for medical illustration on the web.)

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